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Bakery in a bag

April 21, 2011

I had a whole different post planned out for tonight, but then I came across this absolutely amazing handmade bakery in a bag by the incredibly brilliant LiEr of ikat bag and I got so excited about it I just had to share!  Now, if you (like me) like cake and toys, and think the outside of the bag looks pretty super, you’re going to be blown away by the inside …

Check this out!  An oven (complete with magnetic baking tray) and a whole host of magnetic ingredients arranged in little jars on shelves!  You can make cookies, donuts or (my favourite, of course) cupcakes, complete with cases, icing and candles!

Isn’t it brilliant?  For the full fabulous details of all the fun things you can make and how she put it all together, pop over to LiEr’s blog and marvel at her cleverness and creativity!  I’m off to start working on one for myself … ahem, I mean a child I know …

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