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December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve!  I’m not sure whether I can’t believe it’s finally here, or I can’t believe it’s here already; advent seems to have gone on forever, but in other ways the time has just flown in.  Isn’t time funny?  Anyway, this is a bit of a round up of festive things I haven’t quite gotten round to sharing with you, and I don’t want to drag out into January.  There will be a couple more Christmassy posts to come, with homemade presents and so on, but then things will get back to normal.  I promise!

1.  First up is this lovely red cup photo, which has been bookmarked for a couple of weeks but has never quite seemed to fit the bill.  With the end of the red cup season fast approaching, now seems as good a time as any!

2.  Next are these fantastic scratch and sniff Christmas cards (via lovely little things).  Aren’t they super fun?

3.  Rather than a traditional Christmas cake, we’re having this delicious marzipanny cake this year.  The leftover mixture also makes some scrummy cupcakes (just spoon into cases and bake for 10-15 minutes), which is always a bonus!

4.  These tiny gingerbread houses by not martha have been popping up all over blogland (I first discovered them via elephantine), but they are so adorable I had to bring them to your attention just in case you’ve missed out!

5.  Delia’s bread sauce is the best Christmas dinner accompaniment you could ever wish for.  I know the recipe says serves 8, but Mr M and I can pretty much finish it off ourselves, it’s so good (I’m not sure if I should have just admitted that!)

6.  In other news, John Barrowman has made two exciting announcements recently: he’s doing panto in Glasgow next year (yippee, close to me!) and he’s got a new album coming out in February.  That gives me something to look forward to once the post-Christmas blues set in!

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